Our Services

Training / offshore surveys / equipment maintenance

As well as supplying chemical injection equipment for rental and sale, Precision Pumping & Metering Brunei are perfectly placed to assist with all chemical injection and metering activities including the following;

Training – PPM Brunei provides customised solutions tailored to meet your company's needs for the safe use of chemical injection and associated equipment.

Offshore Surveys – PPM Brunei conducts offshore surveys to ensure your chemical injection equipment operates at peak performance and that you have the right pumping equipment for your unique needs. After each survey, we provide a comprehensive report, including recommendations for improvements.

Equipment Repair / Maintenance – At PPM Brunei, we offer repair and maintenance services for a wide range of equipment. Our skilled team can perform repairs both in-house and on-site, including but not limited to:

Chemical Injection Pumps & Equipment
Pressure Test Pumps
Control Panels
Chemical Injection Control Valves

reach out to us and discover how PPM can assist you or your enterprise in Brunei.

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